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Insurance service agents in California

Insurance service agents in California
How to fill a commercial insurance claim?

N.J.Maltz Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance service agents in California. We design insurance packages that take care of all your requirements at the lowest costs.

Commercial insurance claims can be a big responsibility. The Commercial Insurance aims to cover your business from property damage, claims of injury, and any other negligence that might occur during the course of business operations. With the absence of the commercial insurance claims, you are at a great loss. Maltz Insurance specializes in every form of insurance coverage, including the commercial insurance. We will help your company process your claim quickly and facilitate the completion of the investigation as fast as possible.

Claims must be prompt: You must be quick in assessing the losses of your business otherwise you might run into further liabilities amounting to huge dollar payments. Look for some insurance service agents in California and handover the claims to them for processing as soon as possible.

Preventing and controlling losses: Minimize potential losses that you might face from an insurance claim through a process that can prevent such liabilities. High-risk and high-premium policies often attach this as part of their insurance package.

Some of the most common business insurance claims are the general liability, errors and omissions, commercial vehicle, workers’ compensation, employment practices and Directors and Officers.

The process of filing commercial insurance claim includes:

  • Assessing the situation: Call emergency services immediately after the incident, especially if someone is injured or there is severe property damage or if the hazard is ongoing. Police reports have to be completed with a copy for the insurance company.

  • The insurance agent has to be contacted: Call your insurance agent and provide all the required details to file the claim. Provide records such as documentation of a cyber-crime, detection by a forensic accountant, etc. The agent helps in the preparation of all required paperwork.

  • Working with an adjuster: An insurance adjuster is assigned by the insurance company who verifies the damages and provides guidance to proceed with the claim.

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