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Types of Business Insurances in the USA

Maltz Insurance is a leading provider of insurance services in California. We provide entrepreneurs with all types of business insurance policies customized to their requirements. A list of our insurance services includes BOP, Commercial Property, Commercial Umbrella, General Liability, Restaurant and Workers’ Compensation.

Even as an entrepreneur starts a business, it is prone to risks right from day one. When employees are hired, operations are put in place, all of these carry their own uncertainties, due to which it is absolutely essential that every business stays protected with insurance policies best-suited for their company. There is a wide range of insurance types that are designed to safeguard a business. Some crucial ones, which every business owner should consider investing in are:

Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O), this insurance protects the business against any claims that may arise due to negligence, non-performance or any harm that may be caused due to a mistake. All of these aspects are covered by the E&O. A customized policy is written for a business in a particular industry that has specific concerns.

Workers’ Compensation: It is recommended that every entrepreneur should get the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy the moment they launch their own business and hire employees. Death benefits, coverage for medical, hospitalization due to injuries and disability benefits for the employees are all claimed under this insurance.

Property Insurance: Whether the business space is owned or leased, it is best to get a property insurance. The policy covers the business and its assets (including furniture, inventory, etc.) against damage due to fire, theft, and storms. Generally, large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods are not covered.

Business Interruption Insurance: Businesses are prone to interruption due to any catastrophic event. You can suffer heavy losses due to these incidents and also due to the inability of the staff to reach your office to perform their productive functions. Companies such as retail stores, that require a physical location to do their business, usually subscribe to the Business Interruption Insurance.

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