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Business Owner’s Policy

Get your Business Owner’s Policy from Maltz Insurance. Avail the convenience of a single policy with dual benefits.

What is Business Owner’s Policy and who needs it?

The BOP or Business Owner’s Policy offers a combination of property and liability insurance. While both these can be sold separately, BOPs are generally purchased by small to mid-sized businesses to cover risks that can result from theft, fire or any other disaster that can adversely affect their business. The claims may involve damage to personal assets and business property besides bodily and advertising injury that may arise during the course of the business.

You can take BOP:

  • If you own a store, office, a rented home or any other workplace that has a physical location and address
  • You are sued by someone who has incurred an injury on your premises

  • Your digital assets, data, furniture, equipment, inventory, cash or any such thing has been stolen or damaged

Advantages of BOP:

  • Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of BOP

  • The coverage requirements are simplified by including the most important elements of business liability and business property

  • Buying a single BOP is more cost-effective when compared to purchasing two separate policies

  • The policy offers a broad coverage and simultaneously helps save money

  • Customizations can be done by adding additional coverage into it – the policy can be tailored to the specific needs of a business

What does BOP include?

  • General liability coverage is offered for a business in case of a lawsuit, harm to an individual or property damage. It acts as a defensive force because businesses are vulnerable to blame even if they are not at fault.

  • Commercial property insurance is also provided under BOP to protect the ownership of a business, its property that is inclusive of buildings, inventory, furniture and any other asset of that nature. Even important papers, records, and accounts receivables are covered.

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