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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Services in Los Angeles

Maltz Insurance are leading workers compensation insurance service in los angeles. We provide consultations pertaining to a range of insurance services including workers’ compensation insurance.

The need for workers’ compensation insurance:

Workplace injuries are inevitable and can happen anywhere and at any time. In the light of this uncertainty, a law bestowing workers’ compensation is imperative. Also known as the workers’ liability insurance, the employee is appropriately compensated for any injury that occurs in a workplace. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is beneficial to both parties, the employer, and the worker.

Before an injury takes place:

Protect your employees and your business before an accident or an injury takes place. Without a workers’ compensation, your savings could be compromised when you have to reimburse the worker or if there is a dispute that requires an attorney, which can be very expensive. These forms can help you prepare for an impending workplace disaster and compensatory requirements.

  • Consent forms for medical treatment

  • Job description of the employee

  • A form to be issued by the physician referred to as the return-to-work release – after the employee has completed the treatment

  • Light duty policies of the company

What does workers’ compensation cover?

The package covers all aspects of (to name a few):

  • The employee’s medical treatment and hospital expenses

  • Medications that may be prescribed

  • Surgeries that the worker may have to undergo

  • Expenses for physician visits that have to be undertaken

  • Disability payments when the worker is unable to get back to work

  • Rehabilitation expenses

  • Coverage of lost wages

  • Special vehicle requirements such as a wheelchair

There are also several situations where coverage is denied:

  • When there are self-inflicted injuries – this could be due to a fight

  • The worker is injured while committing a serious crime

  • The employee was not on the job and has suffered some injuries

  • When the employee was injured after violating company policies

To know more about workers’ compensation insurance services in California and what it entails for businesses and employees, call the experts at Maltz Insurance.