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As competitive as businesses can be, having insurance is a vital part of your business. Maltz Insurance offers some of the best commercial umbrella insurance services in Los Angeles, California.

Cover your business with an umbrella commercial insurance policy to ensure a prolonged endurance for your business. The Commercial Umbrella Insurance will make sure that extended protection is provided to your business against any property damages and bodily harm. Contrary to general liability, business auto liability and other any coverage; the umbrella commercial insurance covers you where other insurance policies cannot.

What is the Commercial Umbrella Insurance and what does it cover?

Where current claims and policies cannot to be covered . The Commercial Umbrella Insurance covers it and it is extremely beneficial.

How does umbrella commercial work?

There are basically two distinct purposes for the Commercial Umbrella Insurance:

  • For example, if the general liability insurance gives you $2 million ($1 million per occurrence) then the limit can actually be expanded to $3 million per occurrence.

  • Another aspect is providing coverage for policies your current insurance may not cover. For example, the umbrella insurance can cover an auto liability policy, which normally it could not be covered.


Maltz Insurance can customize your umbrella commercial insurance to suit your business:

Commercial Umbrella Insurance can be custom-made and designed for your business. If you have an auto liability, we can expand it to cover even a garage liability. At the same time, if you are receiving and servicing clients, it might entail expanded limits on liquor liabilities.

For Commercial Umbrella Insurance services, call our professional consultants at Maltz. Request a customized umbrella policy and a quote specially tailored for your business. You may also have to mention if you already have the following insurances:

  • Professional liability

  • Liquor stores insurance in California

  • General liability

  • Employee practices liability