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Insurance Services in California

N.J. Maltz Insurance is a leading provider of all types of Liability Insurance Services In California. Visit or call +1-818-368-7000 to know more.

Understanding Liability Insurance Services

When implementing Insurance Policies to Americans, the United States were very late. This was due to the myriad of forms of known and unknown risks that were largely left undefined. It was only when some of the most famous Americans in history supported the cause of having an Insurance Policy, then and there it was actually introduced into America’s Financial System.

Today, technological advancements and the Internet have changed the face of Insurance Policies. It threw open into the world a spate of choices, on pertaining the right to coverage and more importantly pricing. Finally, this also became a motivating factor for most companies to affiliate themselves with other financial institutions to better their products and services.

Owning an Insurance Policy is now in demand and people are always looking to minimize their risks. Insurance is usually more for businesses, since the consumer is changing behaviors on a volatile market structure that leaves them vulnerable to several risks. As part of the General Insurance System, the purchaser of the Insurance Policy is ideally covered for the risks of liabilities that might arise out of actions that consequently lead to lawsuits, claims and other similar financial implications.

Liquor Stores Insurance in California 

The State of California allows the sale of contained alcohol from 6 am to 2 am. Besides, all grocery stores are also allowed to store liquor in any way or form. Where liquor stores are extremely profitable, they can prove very costly without an Insurance Policy. Unforeseen losses can engulf your Business and you could incur a heavy Liability. With Liquor Liability Coverage, your financial risks are drastically minimized.

Maltz Insurance offers specialized programs for Liquor Store-Owners to provide coverage for your Property, Equipment Breakdown, Business Income, Employment Practices, General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Crime.

Business Insurance in California

Business Insurance is meant to protect a venture from any loss that might occur during the normal course of its operation. Owning a Business in California can be expensive and owners should read their Business Insurance requirements carefully to avoid unplanned financial exposures that can lead to a loss. There are several different types of Business Insurance to protect your Business from risks such as Errors & Omissions (E&O), Property Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and Home-Based Businesses.

Maltz offers Business Owner’s Policy packages at extremely competitive rates.

Commercial Property Insurance in California

Business Assets, Estates and Property are subject to disasters and jeopardy. Commercial Property Insurance aids Businesses including ranches and farms to repair and replace property damaged by storms, fires, theft, vandalism and any such events. The term ‘’Properties’’ Insurance comprises of office buildings, equipment, inventory and furniture. There are different types of Commercial Property Insurances based on the perils or causes damage – Basic Form Policies, Broad Form Policies and Special Form Policies.

Maltz Insurance provides all types of Commercial Property Insurance, including additional coverage for specific calamities to protect your business fully.

Professional Liability Insurance in California

Professional Liability Insurance covers all the mistakes and errors you may commit while rendering professional advice to a client. There are many complex projects that you may not fully understand and can end up providing erroneous consultations during your practice, which could lead to a lawsuit. This type of Insurance is ideal for Quasi-Professionals, Health Care Practitioners, Attorneys and other types of Consultants. 

Maltz Insurance sets up Professional Liability Insurance for all types of claims. We even set up coverage based on a particular claim, which means the policy applies only during the claim period.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance in California

Designed to cover potentially catastrophic forms of claims, this is an additional Liability Coverage that Businesses can take advantage to protect themselves from ruinous consequences. When businesses face lawsuits, there are significant assets that are at risk. This extra layer of protection in the form of the Umbrella Liability, helps Business Owners complement other types of Liability Coverage when you have already used up the limits of your existing Insurance.

Under the Commercial Umbrella Insurance, Maltz covers Hired Auto Liability, Employment Practices, Directors and Officers Liability and Fire Legal Liability.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance in California

As an employer, it is your duty to keep your workplace safe and comfortable for your employees. But as you know accidents can never be predicted and are usually inevitable. And when such accidents take place on the premises, the worker’s compensation coverage takes care of the Liability arising out of the incident. Injured workers receive medical compensation and hospitalization coverage for the income that they might lose during that particular period of recovery. The insurance policy protects the employer from any lawsuits that the worker might impose on them.

Consult the professionals at Maltz Insurance for a Worker’s Compensation coverage in California because the each state is different.

Restaurant, Bar & Taverns Insurance in California

Glasses, pitchers and bottles are used to serve alcoholic beverages and are used in bars, taverns and restaurants. These establishments require vital Insurance Protection, since the risk is very high. It is best to cover your bars and pubs from some common risks that could jeopardize your Business.

Maltz Insurance offers customers General Liability Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance, Business property Insurance, Business Income and Extra Expense Liability Coverage, Commercial Crime Policy, Worker’s Compensation Insurance and any other additional policies that you may want to buy for your Restaurant Business.

General liability insurance in California

A General Liability Insurance covers an inherent risk for any business and is often combined with Business Owner’s Policy. For contractors, it is available as a stand-alone coverage. This type of Insurance Policy generally encompasses non-employee injuries that can occur on your property. Lawsuits can occur during business activities such as interaction with customers or property rentals that can lead to third party lawsuits are covered under General Insurance.

Maltz Insurance covers all General Liability Policies triggered by Bodily Harm, accidents occurring on your Property, damage to your Property, Copyright Infringement, Damage to Reputation and any other injury even inclusive of Advertising Injury.

Agents in Maltz Insurance are well informed and knowledgeable and endeavor to offer the right counsel to customers who wish to apply for Insurance Policies. Per our company policy, we practice integrity, honesty and transparency in our services.